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  I am often asked if I visit schools and do talks. The short answer is: YES! I also present for civic and church groups and generally whoever is willing to have me speak. For more information please visit

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  • as this will give you the most current policies and prices.

      Here's a recent testimonial regarding a session I held in March, 2009:

      "We had 200 beaming children at our annual Young Authors' Workshop when Byron von Rosenberg spoke to them and recited his poems to them. He is an inspiration to the children and to the adults as well. Thank you, Byron, for a fantastic ' Thinking Upside Down' Day!"

     - Shari Crockett, Monroe Randolph Regional Office of Education, Chester, Illinois

     It has been a most unexpected blessing to write creatively and have the opportunity to share my stories with so many people. It often seems that the best poems come to me on their own schedule and I feel as if I am writing them down as I am haering them. Here is a poem that came to me in that way and also explains what it's like.


    A poem is a moment
    Caught like a butterfly.
    You have to let it land
    For you'll hurt it if you try
    To catch it in a net
    Or trap it in a jar.
    Words apart so commom
    Now brought together are
    So fragile and so beautiful
    Like a butterfly's new wing
    And from cocoons placed in my mind
    I love to watch them spring!

    Byron von Rosenberg © February 13, 2006

      I am compiling poems now for two new books, The Hidden Things and Diamonds of the Dawn.  Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.  God bless you!