O Christmas Treed!

What happens when your cat climbs your Christmas tree?  Can a llama fly like Santa's reindeer?  Where would Santa get wool to make his suit if there were no red sheep?  In answering these questions, O Christmas Treed! will speed you on your way to a delightful holiday season and become a treasured part of your family's Christmas tradition!  Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The book is presently sold out so I am printing the poem here as a gift!


Our kitten's name is Star.
She loves our Christmas tree!
On Christmas Eve she climbed it
For the top was the place to be.
We were all asleep
So the house was very quiet
The tree was lit for Santa
And Star made up her mind to try it!
It was difficult to climb the tree
Past branches, ornaments, wires,
But whenever there's a mystery
A cat ALWAYS inquires!
She got stuck just below the star
And knocked it crooked with her paw
So when Santa came down the chimney
The crooked star is what he saw.
Now Santa is a nice old chap
And the star must be just right
But when Santa reached into the tree
He left his boots in fright!
Star hissed and scratched and clawed
And Santa Quick! drew back his hand,
But his sleeve was stuck in tinsel
And he pulled the tree out from its stand!
The tree, the cat and Santa
All landed on the rug!
Then Santa saw the frightened cat
Smiled and gave a shrug.
“Who booby trapped this star
With a little kitty cat?
It's been fifty years at least
Since I've been scared like that!“
He got the cat untangled
And she drank milk from Santa's cup.
He ate all the Christmas cookies
Then put the tree back up.
He filled the room with presents
Emptying his sack
In thanks, I think, that he survived
This terrible attack!
He went on up the chimney
And rode off in his sleigh
“Merry Christmas to all,“ he called,
“And lock that cat away!“

Byron von Rosenberg is author of the popular children's picture book, I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama! and of the wonderful “laugh and think” poem book, Thinking Upside Down.  Byron began writing poetry in 2002 with a prayer for his father called “Look at My Hands” and continues to write daily.  Born in Houston, Byron grew up in New Orleans.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tulsa (in Chemical Engineering!) and a Master's of Science in Human Services from Murray State University.  Byron and his family live in Missouri.  Their cat Star was responsible for inspecting all the Christmas boxes as they are brought up from the basement each Thanksgiving and for the care of the family's Christmas tree.  From all reports, she always took her job very seriously. Two other poems from the book are also very popular around the holidays. They are “Santa's New Suit“ and “Our Llamas Can Be Reindeer“. All three poems can be found in Climb the Red Mountain

O Christmas Treed book cover