Thinking Upside Down

The poems, fables, and sketches in this book will give you cause to think and a chance to laugh as well.  They have been enjoyed by preteens and teenagers (!) and even given adults and retirees a smile or two.  Read Thinking Upside Down to turn your heart right side up!

Among its 160 pages and about 100 poems you'll find The Otter Oughter, Neanderthal Nell, and Super-Frog.


The otter oughter work!
It plays just way too much.
It oughter spend its time
Doing chores and such.
The otter oughter wipe that smile
Right off its silly face,
Get with all the other rats
And live life like a race!
The otter oughter schedule
And organize its time.
Such idleness is sinful!
Why, it's almost a crime!
The otter oughter get a job,
Keep its money in a bank.
When it makes these changes
It will have me to thank!
Odd the otter knows
The best in life is free.
The otter oughter teach
That lesson now to me!

Byron von Rosenberg © 2005


Nell the Neanderthal painted on walls.
(They call it graffiti when you do that in stalls.)
“Your painting's a joke!” the Neanderthals said
But art's never valued 'til the artist is dead.
For Nell the Neanderthal's famous today!
“This painting's worth millions!” the critics all say.
So go ahead, laugh at the pictures I drew.
Then take out your wallet.  Will that be one book, or two?

Byron von Rosenberg © 2005

Look for Neanderthal Nell and similar poems & sketches in
Thinking Upside Down.
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Thinking Upside Down book cover