Stars to Chase

Among its 160 pages you'll find the following poem.

Pinching the Dinosaur

Have you ever tried to pinch
An angry dinosaur?
A caveman told me once
It was quite an awesome chore.
The reason that he did it
Was just to hear them roar
But I don't think he pinches
Or hears them anymore.

Byron von Rosenberg © 2010

Byron von Rosenberg is an inspirational poet, children's author, and speaker whose stories have brought cheer to thousands of families. Byron was born in Houston and grew up in New Orleans. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Tulsa and a master's from Murray State University. His storytelling began with tales he told to his own children as he put them to sleep. (His wife Sharon says he often put himself to sleep as well.) He has been writing regularly since 2002 and Stars to Chase is his seventh book. Byron loves to write and to share his stories. He and his family live in Missouri with two dogs and two cats and numerous uninvited animals who usually stay outside.

Stars to Chase