Climb the Red Mountain

Poems the likes of which I don't think I've heard since, maybe, Dr. Seuss!…Shel Silverstein!  That's who that poem, “I Don't Wanna Kiss a Llama!”, reminds me of!
Jim Cox, News Director, KEZK FM 102.5, St. Louis, Missouri

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Climb the Red Mountain would be a delight for anybody to read.
Bob Lilly, Pro Football Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys, 1961–1975

Byron's poetry combines the joy and pathos of the human experience with the peace and hope found in relationship with God, and one can feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in his work.  We're proud of his University of Tulsa heritage!
Bob and Marcy Lawless, President and First Lady, The University of Tulsa

Another once said “Poetry is a song of the soul.”  It's also a window into an author's heart.  In a delightful rhythmic way Byron von Rosenberg reveals both his delight and wonder with life along with capturing the darker shadows that often mar the emotional landscape of our lives.  Truly poets “march to the beat of a different drummer”, and this poet is no different.  Read and enjoy as you Climb the Red Mountain with him!
Dr. Dave Martin, Senior Pastor, “Concord…a church for everyone!”, St. Louis, Missouri

picture of the author Byron von Rosenberg is a native of Houston, Texas and grew up in New Orleans.  He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Tulsa and a Masters in Human Services from Murray State University.  An Eagle Scout, Byron has worked for charitable organizations for over 20 years.  Climb the Red Mountain was published in 2004. 

Climb the Red Mountain book cover