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Date: October 6, 2011



The city council of Byrnes Mill proclaimed Byron von Rosenberg its official poet laureate at its October 5 meeting citing his eight books of poetry for children and adults and his participation in local festivals and celebrations. Byron is most widely known for his children's book, I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama! which has sold over 16,000 copies and for his presentations and signings at Grant's Farm in the St. Louis area.

Byron will be participating in the Christmas Festival at Byrnes Mill Park on November 5 from 1 pm to 4 pm and will have copies of his current books on hand. He will recite his poems and have them available for purchase during the event. His books are also available at Grant's Farm during their season and at the I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama! store in Chesterfield Mall.

The proclamation was presented by Mayor Susan Gibson and reads as follows:

Whereas Byron von Rosenberg is a resident of Byrnes Mill since the year 2000 and has written the vast majority of his poems here beginning in 2002 and

Whereas his book, I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama! has a worldwide circulation of 16,000 books since its printing in 2004 and

Whereas his inspiration comes frequently from his experience with the activities and the beauty of Byrnes Mill and

Whereas that inspiration has resulted in seven additional books of poetry which together have circulation of another 16,000 copies and

Whereas he has continued to offer his poems to the citizens of Byrnes Mill at local festivals and activities

Therefore the City of Byrnes Mill does hereby declares Byron von Rosenberg to be the official Poet Laureate of Byrnes Mill.

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