I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama!

Poems the likes of which I don't think I've heard since, maybe, Dr. Seuss!…Shel Silverstein!  That's who that poem, “I Don't Wanna Kiss a Llama!”, reminds me of!
Jim Cox, News Director, KEZK FM 102.5, St. Louis, Missouri

Every teacher in the country is going to want your book! 
Dee Dee Dickey, Elementary School Teacher, Killeen, Texas

I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama! is an adorable yet simple love poem for parents, grandparents, and teachers to read to the children they love and for the children to read back to them.  The pictures are simple yet profound and, along with the words, are sure to make you smile.  And the ending will make you feel good all over!  It's a book you'll be asked to read time and time again, and you'll be happy to comply.  I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama! is a “must have” for your children's library!

author kissing llama

Byron von Rosenberg is a native of Houston, Texas and grew up in New Orleans.  He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Tulsa and a Masters in Human Services from Murray State University.  He began writing poetry and fables in 2002 beginning with a prayer for his father called “Look at My Hands”.  Since that time, his poems have been translated into German and Russian, read on radio stations across the nation, and presented to numerous schools, youth groups, retirement homes, and civic clubs.  The llama book has now sold over 16,000 copies and there are copies on all inhabited continents. No, the penguins in Antarctica do not have one! Byron and his family live in Missouri.

I Dont Want to Kiss a Llama book cover