I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama!

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Welcome to idontwanttokissallama.com!  Read a poem or two and have a laugh or a smile! For my latest poems go to my facebook page. Click on the LIKE button to get new and favorite poems.

Hey! Did you know you can watch me read my llama book to a llama? Here is the link to my Youtube channel! Have fun! 

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    Here is a listing of my books. More about each can be found by clicking the page link at the right of this page. Oh, by the way, my name is Byron von Rosenberg and I got to write these poems and books. Guess that makes me an author but not an expert on etiquete else I would have introduced myself earlier. Please forgive me, and have a laugh anyway!

    I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama!

    Thinking Upside Down: poems, fables and sketches

    Dale the Uniclyde, An Adventure in Friendship

    O Chistmas Treed! is currently sold out so I am publishing the poem on the book page.

    Stars to Chase: adventures in rhyme

    Don't Feed the Seagulls is currently sold out.

    Climb the Red Mountain

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