Here's the poem, “Super-Frog” from Thinking Upside Down and Don't Feed the Seagulls.  Hope you enjoy it!


He could leap over the dog house,
It took just a single bound;
He hopped faster than a rabbit
And he sure could cover ground.
He could snap his tongue and catch a bug
Twenty feet away
And any kid who picked him up
Was repelled by his powerful spray.
He was the biggest strongest frog
The planet's ever seen;
His amphibious friends all envied him,
That's why they're all still green.
He didn't have a thing to prove,
For his fame was widely known,.
But he wanted to stop a train like Superman
To show how strong he'd grown.
He hopped down to the station
To catch the 9:00 o'clock;.
He waited across the street
To show off for his webbed foot flock.
When the 9:00 o'clock came rolling in
He jumped high across the road
But not high enough to miss my car
And I squashed him like a toad.
Super-frog, oh, Super-frog
Why did it have to end like that?
In his epic last performance
Super-frog seemed a little flat.

Byron von Rosenberg © Sept. 29, 2002
For Lenora and Fred Richter